Ryan’s creativity shines in video. Let him work as a producer on your project. He has seven years of experience in TV news and has produced an award-winning 48-hour film.


Ryan started producing short films with his group, Pacific Montage. This led to the audience award for a 48-hour film at the 2016 Sacramento International Film Festival. His latest short film, “Breaking News,” was finished last year.


Ryan has seven years of experience as a TV news producer and got his start at KAKE in Wichita before moving to WHAS in Louisville. His latest work is from ABC10 in Sacramento.

Disclaimer: This video is being used for the purpose of a portfolio and is the property of TEGNA and/or Gannett.

Jan. 2, 2017 ABC10 News at Five

Live Mannequin Challenge ABC10 - Nov. 2016

May 14, 2016 ABC10 News at Six

April 24, 2015 News10 at 11


These are some of my favorite vlogs from the past few years.

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